Winter Running Program 2013/2014


On January 16thth Coach Mo Running begins its COOL RUNNING Winter Program.   COOL RUNNING is team runs done on dirt & WO&D trails with a great group of fellow runners.


Primary Objective: to build or maintain  a running foundation, increase conditioning/cardio capacity and/or prepare for 5k’s 10k’s, 10 milers, ½ & full Marathons.


 Secondary Objective:  Not to gain weight and/or maintain weight or conditioning/fitness during the holidays

 (check out our article from the Washington Post ).


 So, if you have any of the goals above then COOL RUNNNING is for YOU.


  Holiday Special below.  



Cool Running Program

(10 sessions) Duration of program: Sep. 16th Orientation-till Oct.27th, 2013

Where: Saturday mornings 8:00AM

 (Typically at Isaac Newton Sq. and Sunset Hills in Reston - check emails)


J    Professional coaching w/ a motivating coaching style/philosophy

            Benefits: Deferred goals revived w/proven training

J    Customized training program designed around your conditioning/ability

 Benefits: levels and desired goal.

J    Organized groups sessions/team environment with scenic venues

Benefits: Will cause camaraderie, endorphins & fun

J    Training that incorporates core & strength exercises, form drills to reach

 your potential/success.

J    Weekly training schedules via Email- (Free Training Journal)

Benefits: Known to induce a fit lifestyle

NOTE:  Includes consultation (goal and fitness profile / gait analysis-biomechanics)


                                             Regular Cost    Holiday Special   

10 Sessions                            $179.00              $149.00   

& 10% off Corporate Wellness seminars

10 Sessions + 2 P.T. sessions    $359.00              $239.00

& 10% off Corporate Wellness seminars




Coach Mo Running an Empowerment/Running Program was founded by Maurice Weaver, a world-class athlete.  A four minute miler and American record holder in the two-mile run, Coach Mo, a Certified Conditioning Specialist, has over 25 years of training and competing nationally and internationally.  His desire to assist individuals Maximize their potential whether on the athletic field and in life led him to develop this fundamental and holistic training/wellness program that is applicable to all fitness levels and any goal.  The core of this program is to empower the individual (mind, body and soul) with the tools for success.  The four time All-American’s comprehensive program encompasses race prep, injury prevention, motivational support as well as a personalized training program designed specifically for your desired goals. 




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