What is Coach Mo Running?

This series of programs prepares runners to successfully complete a 5K, 10K, 10-miler, or marathon though a team-nspired, motivational format. As a member of Coach Mo Running, you will join a dedicated group of men and women for support, camaraderie of a team atmosphere, and the thrill of personal accomplishment that comes from completing a marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k. Coach Mo offers training for all athletic levels, from the athlete to the beginner. You will receive sound advice on form and technique, race strategies, equipment, injury prevention and nutrition.

You will benefit from increased strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and weight control that can only come from proper form and periodization of exercise. Experienced coaches will help you achieve optimal performance based on your own goals and abilities.

Coach Mo Running was founded by Maurice Weaver, aka "Coach Mo," a world-class athlete. A sub-four minute miler and American record holder in the 2-mile run, Coach Mo has over 30 years experience in training and competing, both nationally and internationally. His desire to help individuals maximize their potential, on both the athletic field and in life, led him to develop this fundamental and holistic training & wellness program, which is applicable to all fitness levels and any goal.

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